Rida Entsminger


Service Offered:
Facials, body wraps, body waxing, natural nails, eyebrow and eyelash Tinting

Years in Business:

At Alter Ego Salon Since December of 2004

Products used:

Continued education:

  • Skin Analyses
  • face mapping
  • deep cleanse techniques
  • skin exfoliation and resurfacing
  • hydroxy acids and exfoliation techniques
  • photodemage and aging skin
  • treadting rosacea and sensitized skin
  • clearing acne treatment
  • galvanic and high frequency treatments
  • treatment tool and technology
  • chinese acupressure point massage for face
  • advanced massage for face a neck
  • hungarian massage
  • stress therapy treatment for body
  • speed wax techniques

Speaks Spanish, Portuguese

About Me:

My name is Ridamar (Rida).

I am from Brazil where I studied Pressure Point Massage, Reiki, and Waxing.  Here in the USA, I furthered my education in Facials and Body Treatment, Body, and Facial and Body waxing, Body Wraps and Nails.

As a Skincare Specialist, my philosophy revolves around simple, honest, and effective therapies.  So many products make unrealistic promises and have complicated regimens.  It can be expensive and confusing.  Dermalogica mirrors my philosophy and I am proud to use and sell this wonderful skincare and body line.

You will be provided with a totally relaxing atmosphere during all services.  I am committed to your skin healthy and overall satisfaction.


Cell: (503) 348-8032

Salon: (503) 465-8801



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